Fly Ash Light Weight CLC Blocks.

Also known as Cellular Light Weight Concrete Blocks.
Fly Ash CLC blocks available in Karachi, Pakistan. For more details about clc blocks price in Pakistan or if you want to buy clc blocks or supply please contact us on below mentioned numbers.


Light Weight – Heat Resistance – Water Proof – Reduce Labor Cost – Reduce Steel Cost – No Plaster Needed – Stronger then Traditional Bricks – Cover more Area then –
Traditional Bricks – No Socking needed before use – Time Saving – Reduce Energy Cost – Durable – Appealing – More PSI Compressive Strength

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CLC Block Size No of Block in 1 m3 Tradional Bricks
6*8*12 112 3
6*8*16 83 5
6*8*24 55 8
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