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Fly ash cement replacement is an environmentally echo-green pozzolanic cement alternative material. Because of it’s supper fine blame with high durability and good compressive strength make it more usable for concrete. This inexpensive additive for concrete fly ash can be used as a substitute for portland cement to produce Concrete, Tuff tiles, Fly ash bricks, Pavers, Blocks etc. It is a good building material. Fly ash products are very durable, strong, lightweight and appealing. Tradeworth International are renown Fly Ash supplier for construction.

Due to it’s lightweight, it reduces the cost of steel structure in construction. Fly ash products are Heat Resistant therefore it saves energy. Utilizing fly ash can be up to 60 percent less expensive than portland cement depending on what area of the country you are in.

Fly ash

What is Fly Ash?

Fly ash is one of the naturally-occurring products from the coal combustion process and is a material that is nearly the same as volcanic ash.

How Is Fly Ash Used?

The most common use of fly ash is as a partial replacement for portland cement used in producing concrete. Replacement rates normally run between 20% to 30%, but can be higher. Fly ash reacts as a pozzolan with the lime in cement as it hydrates, creating more of the durable binder that holds concrete together. As a result, concrete made with fly ash is stronger and more durable than traditional concrete made exclusively with portland cement.

Why Use Fly Ash?

Fly ash concrete has increased strength and durability, which means it can handle greater loads, is more resilient and lasts longer. Fly ash concrete can withstand harsher service environments than straight portland cement concrete. It is less susceptible to chemical attacks (de-icing salts, soil sulfates, etc.) and mitigates the negative impact of deleterious aggregates. This is especially true when using fly ash in infrastructure projects, such as roads, highways and bridges.

Fly ash concrete is easier to work with because of its spherical shape and its ability to moderate early concrete set time. The improved flowability, reduced hydration temperatures and delayed setting time of fly ash concrete are the main factors that contribute to ease of placement of concrete. Fly ash concrete also has lower permeability than traditional concrete, which means less water and chemicals can enter the concrete. Therefore, fly ash concrete has a longer service life and doesn’t need to be repaired or replaced as often. Some states require the use of fly ash concrete to prevent premature deterioration. Fly ash is used to mitigate a problem called alkali silica reaction, which occurs when concrete deteriorates early due to issues with aggregate quality. This is a major issue for some states, and fly ash is the product most widely-used to combat this problem. Tradeworth International is the biggest fly ash supplier in Pakistan.

Super Strength

Low Sulfur

High Silica (Si02)

High Permeability

High Tensile

Acid Resistance

Reduces Creep

Cost Effective

Decreases Permeability

Reduces Drying Shrinkage

Low Heat Hydration

Chloride Resistance

fly ash concrete
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