Application of Pumice Stone:

Pumice can be used in construction industry to produce lightweight concrete and other concrete products. for example : lightweight blocks, panels, wall, bricks, floors. Pumice Concrete is a low density, lightweight, low-rise structural concrete using 3/8 pumice aggregate, Portland cement, and water. (a pozzolan lime plaster is ideal), further improving the thermal performance of the structure.

Pumice stone utilization in Agriculture farming gives great results, it is very beneficial for the growth, health and productivity of the plants.

Pumice Stone Cement Grade:

Pumice and cement enjoy a very dynamic relationship—a relationship Roman engineers and builders relied on completely. A relationship that worked so well that much of their empire of concrete endures to this day—some 2000 years later. Fact is, the hydrated lime cement they used made a poor concrete by itself. It was only after they added fine-grained pumice [01] (what they called pozzolana), did their concrete achieve its impressive millennia-spanning chemistry.

Pumice Stone Textile Grade:

Pumice has long been used for washing of denim and other hosiery garments, leather garments and goods.

Pumice Horticulture Grade:

It is a perfect soil amendment agent, this airy rock ideal for use cacti and succulents as well as other plants that required excellent drainage and air circulation. Plus the porosity of pumice allows microbials life to thrive while maintaining the soil structure better. Pumice in agriculture also has the advantage of natural PH along with a variety of trace materials. Pumice considered to be one of the best fertilizer, advantages to grow plants with pumice, it reduces water runoff, and fertilization by increasing soil absorption in sandy soil.

Pumice Stone Polishing Grade:

Pumice stone has been used in cleaning and polishing product. for example it can be used in industrial hand wash, floor and toilets cleaning and polishing, car wax and polishing chemicals.
is the extension of  Pumice stone, it absorbs access moisture, so roots don’t rot, additionally perlite improves aeration and simulates the growth of mycorrhiza, perlite doesn’t decomposed or compact over time like other soil amendments which means it help to maintain soil structure.
Pumice Stone Medical & health Care Grade:
Pumice been used in production of dental and skin care products.
Demand in Market:
There is a hug demand in the market of lightweight blocks and wall panels by the civil consultants, engineers, contractors and builders. One of the lightest aggregate available in the market for production of concrete and lightweight blocks are pumice stone and fly ash.
Mix Design:
with the combination of pumice stone and fly ash can produced economically affordable lightweight blocks and other concrete products. Pavers, tuff tile and concrete blocks manufacture has an opportunity to produce lightweight products by using pumice stone and fly ash as an aggregate in the production of concrete. We Tradeworth International are one of the best quality pumice stone supplier in Pakistan. and are supplying pumice stone in different sizes and grades according to your needs and demands. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any queries.
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