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Growing and Sowing Media UGM1

ULTRA GROWTH is a professional organic growing media that performs three main functions. 1. Supplies root nutrients over a long period, holds Air and Water due to pores space material. 2. UGM1 Media allows maximum root growth. 3. Physically supports the plant. Roots grow in spaces between individual particles of soil.

UGM1 especially helps in raising multiple seedlings, UGM1 Media lets you reap the usual benefits and comes with extra advantages – nutrients.

Sowing germinated seeds in UGM1 Media is easy by just adding water, periodically. Every seedling is adequately supplied with nutrients throughout the pre-nursery phase and early in the main nursery phase.

Benefits of using UGM1 Media:

  • Best Soil amendment and soil conditioner.
  • Hydroponic Material
  • Good PH.
  • Help to exchange plant gases.
  • Fast drain.
  • Best for Cactus and Succulents.
  • Absorb and release water in soil.
  • Good for places where regular water availability not possible.
  • Help to green faster and last longer.
  • Best potting and sowing media on very low price in Pakistan.
  • Ensures healthy and continuous seedling growth.
  • Best for soilless plants.
  • Reduces transplanting shock.
  • Amazing colorful results beyond  your expectation.

Best Material for Agriculture and Hydroponics Horticulture Industry.

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